5 Reasons Why You Should Join Your Workplace’s Health and Safety Committee

Have an opportunity to join your workplace’s health and safety committee? Awesome! Health and safety might not sound all that exciting, but it can be more rewarding than you’d think.

Here’s how you can help your fellow employees and do yourself some good when you join your workplace’s health and safety committee.

1. It’s Free Training

I’m of the mind that you should never turn down free education. Companies with 20 or more regular employees in Ontario are required to pay for training for health and safety committee members. When you join a committee, you will get access to courses and knowledge at no cost to you.

Additionally, employers are required to compensate employees for time spent learning the material. So not only is it free, but you’re actually getting paid to learn!

2. It Looks Good on a Resume

Participating in a health and safety committee demonstrates your commitment to the company, your fellow employees, and safety regulations. Potential future employers will take note of that. Plus, if you’re already certified, it means they won’t have to pay for you to take training for health and safety committees a second time.

3. It Gives You a Break from The Monotony

If your job is less-than-exciting, participating in health and safety meetings can be a welcome break from your regular duties. Meetings can last anywhere between half an hour and two hours, depending on the size of the company and the issues on the table. And of course, you are compensated for your participation at your regular salary or hourly rate.

4. It Helps Your Fellow Workers

Health and safety committees aren’t just there to pay lip service. The work they do is crucial in keeping workplaces safe for everyone. The time you spend improving and monitoring your workplace’s safety could really make a positive difference.

5. It Teaches Useful Skills

Lots of what you learn in health and safety training is applicable to everyday life. Those weird symbols you find on cleaning products? That’s WHMIS: the workplace hazardous materials inventory system. You’ll also learn proper lifting techniques, desk ergonomics, and basic first aid. Even if you never put these skills to task in the workplace, they could really come in handy somewhere down the line.