Beaches In Orlando

I’ve traveled to Orlando, Florida many times, and throughout my trips, I always want to visit certain beaches and stay away from others.  Here is my list of the best beaches you should visit when you’re in Orlando.

cocoaCocoa Beach – If you’re looking for shops and bars on the beach, Cocoa Beach is the one you’ll want to visit.  Easily accessible and in Orlando, this beach sits right at the end of the highway.  You won’t be able to miss it.

New Symrna Beach – Much quieter and less busy, this beach is perfect if you’re intending to do some surfing.  It’s further out of Orlando but still easy to get to.  There are also a bunch of restaurants and shops you can visit along the avenue.

Daytona Beach – A crowd favorite, Daytona Beach is always super busy because there’s always something to do.  Whether you want to just tan at the beach or go visit shops and restaurants, you’ll always find something to keep yourself busy.  If you’re looking for a thrill, check out the NASCAR speedway that’s right along the shore.

Yes, there’s countless beaches in Orlando you can visit, but I always find myself attracted to these.  They’re all special with different activities you can do at each.  You’ll never find yourself bored once you find the perfect beach for you.